La Cave Margot

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    The Pool

    Outdoor pool of 5m × 10 m. Parasols, deckchairs, garden furniture, poufs…
    Private swimming pool (and its terrace) open to our guests from May to October from 10 am to 6 pm but only heated when the weather allows it (generally from June 1 to September 30.

    *CAUTION: Children are under the responsibility of their parents on the entire property, including at the swimming-pool. Access prohibited to the swimming-pool for unaccompanied children if they are under 10 years old (or for children who cannot swim regardless of their age).

    ** For health and safety reasons, failure to comply with the posted rules may result in the swimming-pool being closed or a temporary ban on access to the pool area. Thank you for your understanding.

    And enjoy your stay to discover or rediscover the benefits of the Spa.

    The acccess to the pool, the sauna and the jacuzzi is included in your room rate.

    Massages upon request. Let yourself be pampered !

    The Pod Sauna

    A Scandinavian chalet type “pod” placed in the garden and easily accessible from your room (flip-flops and bathrobe provided). 4 people.

    The ritual of the sauna, practiced in a small wooden cabin, is a dry heat bath emitted by stones placed on a stove and watered with water. The temperature can vary from 70 ° C to 100 ° C. This is a historic tradition from the Nordic countries (Finland in particular), where the sauna has been practiced for over 2000 years.

    The dry, intense heat of the sauna raises body temperature, causes sweating, and increases heart rate and cardiac output. These reactions bring many benefits to the body: stimulation of the blood circulation, fight against infections and toning action on the skin.
    The sauna also has relaxing virtues. Heat baths help reduce stress, relieve muscle pain (body aches, osteoarthritis) and improve sleep quality.

    The sauna is not recommended for pregnant women and prohibited if cardiovascular and under 8 years. Similarly, it is not recommended after a meal and / or having drunk a lot.

    The use of the sauna and jacuzzi is under the sole responsibility of the users.
    Swimsuit compulsory.

    Sauna Use: 1 to 3 sessions of 5 to 15 minutes, with a cold shower in-between.

    Booking conditions. It needs an hour to reach the temperature. Hence, we only put it on once a day, at the end of the day, upon request.


    The XXL Spa

    Relax in a hot tub, think about nothing, contemplate the sky, the forest and listen to the surrounding nature.

    Semi-recessed on a large outdoor terrace in exotic wood, Jacuzzi high-end 5 places (including two elongated). Headrest, chromatherapy (45 leds), illuminated waterfall, 96 stainless steel jets … a luxurious and spacious spa for exceptional moments of relaxation in direct contact with nature.

    The Jacuzzi or the benefits of hydromassage and balneotherapy.

    Ideal for eliminating muscle tension, relieving joints and lower back tensions.

    Hydromassage stimulates blood circulation and facilitates the elimination of toxins.

    Balneotherapy also has an impact on digestive disorders, cellulite, migraines, heavy legs, etc. Not to mention a firming effect of the tissues and especially the skin.

    Free access. Reservation possible in the morning. Thorough shower and complete make-up remover.


    Massages (not available during the sanitary context)

    Diane is a professional who can come, upon request only, at La Cave Margot with her own massage table.

    It will take place either in your room, on your private terrace or in a quiet spot in the garden (no dedicated room).

    How to book and when?

    Ideally, book your massage at the very moment of your trip at la Cave Margot; otherwise, the sooner the better since this external service only depends on Diane’s availability. Please book directly with her either through her website either using her email :

    Rates for 1h massage:

    • 1 person: 55 €
    • 2 persons: 95 €
    • 1 child (15-20 minutes) after an adult : 15 €

    The massages are directly paid to Diane by French chèque or cash.